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Hi #Preggos and #GyneGirls!

Has your vagina ever been itchy? Yeast infections- so annoying! Ladies- Yeast aka Candida is always present in and on the body in small amounts. But, when an imbalance occurs, such as when the normal acidity of the vagina changes or when hormonal balance changes, Candida can multiply and cause problems- itching, burning, and cottage cheese like vaginal discharge. Sometimes, Candida infections can be passed from person to person through sexual intercourse. BUT, we don’t consider this a STD. If you are having these symptoms AND are having unprotected sex- which I know you would not because you read my blog- you have to tell your doc because STDs can mimic the same symptoms.


75% of you will have had at least one “yeast infection” in your lifetime. No biggie! It’s treatable. They are common. Just ask your girlfriends?

#Preggos, women with diabetes or weak immune systems, women who take antibiotics or are on steroids are at an increased risk of getting yeast infections. No more silk panties!

Wearing cotton underwear reduces the risk of getting a yeast infection. If you get more than 3 a year, eating probiotics-yogurt- or putting it in the vagina helps prevent more yeast infections.

under a microscope

Your doc will take a sample of the vaginal secretions and looking at the sample under a microscope to see if yeast is present. If so, antifungal vaginal suppositories or creams will be prescribed for you for 3-7 days. You can also take 1 pill just once. Ladies- I know this can be embarrassing. I hear the stories everyday…It’s okay to use over the counter medications to treat your yeast as long as you know for sure it’s a yeast infection. I know you are super busy- don’t have time to come visit me. Using over the counter medications too much can increase the chance that they will eventually not work because the yeast can become resistant to treatment. So….Talk to your doc! By the way, men can also get yeast on their penises- Not likely but it happens. Can you imagine explaining this one to your man? Just wear a condom!!!


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Dr. Drai

Dr. Drai

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