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After the Baby – Stretched Beyond?

Hi #Preggos and #GYNEGirls! It’s me again…Dr. Drai your FAV OBGYN. This topic here is HOT, HOT,! LOL! Tell me 1 thing that you are worried about after having a baby naturally (through the vagina)…PAUSE…The Size of Your Vajayjay! I’d be more concerned about losing that baby weight –

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Perfumes in the Vagina AND Fishy Business…

Hi #GYNEGirls! The weekend is coming and you have a HOT date. You’ve been dating this gorgeous, respectable guy with a good job (plus benefits) for 3 months now. Of course, you have rules on how long to make him wait!! LOL…You gurls have rules about everything (UNTIL you meet

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