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Breast Cancer: How do we DETECT it?

It’s me again…Dr. Drai- America’s OBGYN. I took a break from blogging because I’ve been on the road-teaching, interviewing, and meeting cool peeps. You know I’m always trying to find better ways to connect with my gurls. Therefore, I have NOT neglected you … so take a chill pill. #GYNEGirls & #GENTs- you know I’m still not done with my Breast Cancer Awareness Month talks yet…Right? It is OCTOBER! Let me see…You got some “Medical T” on BRCA-the gene that causes both breast and ovarian cancer, Risk Factors, AND the Signs & Symptoms of breast cancer. Dr. Drai even drew an anatomy picture of your TATAs so you can know the names of your BOOB parts. Now let’s chat about checking “THE GIRLS” and the dreaded MAMMOGRAM.

Detection of Breast Cancer

Most breast lumps are found by #GYNEGirls themselves or by their sexual partners. It is important for ladies to know her own breasts and examine them monthly for signs of change. Any changes in the breasts should be reported to a DOC immediately. #GYNEGirls over the age of 20 should examine their breasts once a month. The best time is seven to 10 days after the start of the period, when the breast swelling and tenderness is over. Post-menopausal ladies can perform breast self-examination any time of the month.

Mammography, a low-dose X-ray of the breast, is able to detect changes that even a specially trained examiner like Dr. Drai cannot find. #GYNEGirls with a lump or other symptoms of breast cancer should have mammography of both breasts as soon as possible, while women with no symptoms should have a screening by the age of 40.

Don’t forget to tell your #GENT (or #GYNEGirl) to read this blog. Dr. Drai has said this before. Breast cancer doesn’t discriminate; it can affect ANYONE. I want you to REMEMBER to check your breasts AND get your mammograms! #BOOBCheck #SaveTheTaTas Until next time…


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