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12 Unexpected Causes of Female Sexual Dysfunction

Hello #GYNEGirls, #Preggos, and #GENTs. It’s me Dr. Drai. Let’s talk about female sexual dysfunction today. Do you experience difficulty having sex and are you not able to satisfy your partner in bed? If you answered YES, then you may be suffering from sexual dysfunction. Ladies, sexual dysfunction is common.

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Birth Control and Alcohol: What You Need to Know

Hi #GYNEGirls! It’s me Dr. Drai. Ladies, do you take your birth control pill right before going out to the club? Have you ever thrown up from drinking too much alcohol? Have you ever had a one night stand after throwing up? If you have answered Yes to these questions you

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11 FUN Facts about Ovulation

Hi #GYNEGirls! It’s me Dr. Drai. Let’s talk about ovulation. Ovulation is the process by which a woman’s body releases an egg monthly from her ovaries. The egg travels down the fallopian tube and sits in the uterus waiting to get fertilized or die. Before we deep dive into FUN

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