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Things You Should Know To Protect From Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Most women that die from poor reproductive health do so because of sexually transmitted diseases. Sexually transmitted infections/diseases (STI/STD) are defined as any venereal disease contracted via sexual intercourse or other sexual intact. Both men and women are susceptible, though STDs in women may lead to infertility, miscarriage, infection in

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How to Build Muscle Faster and Improve Your Sexual Health?

You’re going to the gym regularly and eating healthy foods. Now, you’re wondering how long it will take to see the results of your efforts. Building muscle takes time but the benefits are worth it. Some of the benefits of building muscle include increasing confidence, speeding up metabolism, and improving

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Top 4 Health Screenings for Men Over 50

As we age, there are necessary medical screenings that should be conducted on an annual or semi-annual basis. To live a healthy and fulfilling life, it’s crucial to be proactive and check your body to prevent life-threatening illnesses. It’s especially important to check up on the body more often once

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