Help For Delayed Ejaculation

By Dr. Drai
By Dr. Drai

Ejaculation is the culmination of a sexual act, either when intercourse or masturbation is undertaken. It is a pleasurable process that most men look forward to. However, many men suffer from erectile dysfunction, which could delay ejaculation.

The most common form of delayed ejaculation makes the man unable to ejaculate while in the presence of their partner. If a man is cannot ejaculate in the presence of his partner but can ejaculate normally while alone after some sort of sexual stimulation, then the reason behind his dysfunction is solely psychological.

Men suffering from such a dysfunction often have strict religious backgrounds or may have experienced a traumatic event that may have led to this dysfunction. One other reason is that a man is simply not attracted to his partner.

Sometimes men are unable to ejaculate while masturbating, yet they lead a normal sex life. Some of the causes mentioned above also apply in this case. If you are suffering from such a problem, you should seek professional help immediately. Go to your physician or doctor to get a referral to a therapist that can help both you and your partner. The therapist will basically try to teach the two partners about sexual stimulation and their response in order to help them understand their own needs. The therapist might even recommend treatment if necessary and can psychologically talk you out of such a situation.

Ideally, you should be able to stimulate yourself and your partner by just relaxing. Other tips include having a romantic candlelight dinner, having some wine, and if you both think that porn can stimulate you in a better manner, then go for it. You should try to avoid delicate issues in conversation and focus on having fun in a relaxed way. Try hugging and caressing each other instead of rushing into the sex part and be sure to take your time.

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Dr. Drai

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