5 “Shocking” Causes of Embarrassing Feminine Odor

By Dr. Drai
By Dr. Drai

Ladies – let’s talk.  Are you in the habit of smelling your undies on a daily basis?  Is it because they smell like you’ve been at the fish market all day? I knew it.

Feminine odor is a common problem that lots of women are embarrassed about – and contrary to popular belief – many vaginal odors are not the result of a lack of personal hygiene.

It’s NORMAL for your “Lady Part” to have an aroma; your scent depends on your daily activities AND the food you eat. If you are working out in the gym, your “hoo ha” will smell musky because there are sweat glands surrounding it. And yes, your pocketbook can smell like fish if you are eating fish. Your vajayjay can even have a different smell after sex; semen can leave her smelling like bleach. And we all know the smell that your vagina has when “Aunt Flow” pays you a visit. But ladies … some odors down there are NOT normal, and believe it or not, you are causing them. Keep reading…

 1.     Bubble Baths – Women love taking bubble baths to relax after a stressful day. However, the bubbles can get in the vagina and cause irritation and infections. Ladies- bubbles are meant for the air, not the tub!  Instead, buy a stool for your bathtub so you can sit and relax while taking a shower.  And let’s not forget about all the chemical products we use to clean our tubs.  Where do you think that residue ends up?  You get the picture.

2.     Feminine Powders & Perfumes – Before a hot date, many of you ladies freshen up by spraying feminine powders and perfumes on your “lady part.” Ultimately, a “fishy” odor- BV- can occur and then you begin to stress out over a possible STD. Instead, eat fruits like oranges, pineapple, and grapefruit; these will get your vaginal fluids smelling and tasting sweet.

3.     Shaving & Waxing– Women are obsessed with shaving down there. Creams and soaps can get in the vagina. And as for that waxing thing- Brazilian waxes are for Brazilians! Instead, trim with adjustable clippers.  That way, you won’t get hair bumps … nor smell like sardines.

4.     Douching – This is a generational favorite- especially among Black folks! Your grandmother told your mom to douche, your mom told you to douche, and you are planning to tell your daughter to douche. Many of you ladies are still doing this after your period or after sex. Stop the cycle! Douching washes out the good bacteria in your vagina.

5.     Scented Tampons & Pads – This is a major No No!! I can’t believe that they are still sold in stores. Irritation will occur. You are already on your period- don’t add more drama by using these. Just switch to a non-scented product!

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So now you know the drama you’ve been causing. Remember ladies-your vaginal has a smell. BUT you need to stay out of that feminine hygiene aisle. And stop smelling your underwear!


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