About Dr. Drai

"I live by the 3 C’s: Communication, Compassion and Commitment.

I have learned that relationships are very important to women of all ages. Once I help them heal these relationships, good health always follows.”

Dr. Drai is living out a life-long dream. As one of America’s Top Women’s Health Experts, his relentless passion for healing others started with a strong support system at home. A childhood encounter would change his life forever, ultimately helping him explore his passion and becoming an OBGYN.

Meet Dr. Drai. One of America's Top Women's Health Experts.

Even with multiple degrees, national recognition in the fields of Obstetrics and Gynecology and outstanding personal efforts in serving the local, national, and international community, Dr. Drai believes in knowing the state-of-the-heart, before talking state-of-the-art services with his patients.

A Lady's Man.

Hearing stories from my mother about my grandmother’s loss to ovarian cancer shaped the type of doctor I am today. My grandmother didn’t receive good care and died because of it. Caring for women through the physical transitions of their lives, from adolescence through menopause and beyond, is important. Advocating for women’s health allows me to engage in preventative medicine and practice continuity of care. The diversity in practicing OB/GYN captivates me; my field offers a fusion of surgery and medicine, as well as manual procedures. Due to intrusive procedures and the intimate nature of women’s healthcare, the patient-physician relationship is special and must be cultivated with open communication and trust. It’s a bond I treasure.

The Dr. Drai Difference.

While most six-year-olds are interested in playing video games, or discovering other hobbies, Draion “Dr. Drai” Burch was already realizing his true calling – medicine. “My mom often reminds me of the days when I played hospital with my cousins,” said Dr. Drai, now one of the country’s leading physician’s in women’s health. “I always wanted to be the doctor – the one that heals.”

Media + Medicine.

I know what it’s like to have poor healthcare. The nearest doctor was 45 minutes away from where I grew up. That’s why I’m committed to serving the underserved – women of color, transgender individuals, lesbian and bisexual women, women that are incarcerated, women who are victims of intimate partner violence, homeless women, women who are addicted to opiates, and women with disabilities. I believe education is a critical part of tackling health disparities and the combination of media and medicine allows me to reach people, show them how to improve their health and gain equal access. My goal is to change lives.

RX For Life.

We hear it all the time. Communication is key to any relationship. Before entering medical school, I took a year off to teach, and hopefully inspire, a group of students in the New Orleans Public School System. After all, Doctor in Latin means to teach. The real world experiences of the classroom taught me good communication, patience and most importantly – compassion. I’m sure there were many people who questioned my logic at the time – but the experience taught me to challenge the norm, be willing to fight solo for the underdog and to never lose sight of those who look up to me. To this day, I live by the 3 C’s – Communication, Compassion and Commitment.

Relationships Matter.

“I have learned that relationships are very important to women of all ages. Relationships with their mother, father, children, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandkids, girlfriends, husbands, wives, boyfriends, and most importantly themselves shape their perspective on life. Once I help them heal these relationships, good health always follows,” said Dr. Drai.

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