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Very knowledgeable, but with a great sense of humor, Dr. Drai is known for picking up his video camera and dishing out no-nonsense advice – anywhere and anytime! His video series is affectionately called “Medical T” (T stands for tips). The mission is simple: Real medical advice, simplified. Got a idea for “Medical T”? Ask Dr. Drai!

CONDOM SENSE Isn’t Too Common…
Move over, men! Ladies need orgasms too!!
“Pull Out” Method During Sex
Why Men Should Keep Underwear ON During Sex!
Best Way to SLEEP While Pregnant!!
Why Women Shouldn’t Take Bubble Baths
Sizing up YOUR man – Why you want a RULER!
Top Exercise to Tighten Your “Lady Part”
MEN and SKINNY JEANS: The New Birth Control?
Epic Date Night Mistake:Putting Perfume Down There!
Shaving your “Lady Part” — Dr. Drai’s TOP Tip!!
Having RELATIONS with a Short, Short man?
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