Bubble Bath Blasphemy

By Dr. Drai
By Dr. Drai

Hi #GYNEGirls!

I’m back- It’s Dr. Drai. I took a break from blogging because I’ve been on the road- teaching, interviewing, and meeting cool peeps. You know I’m always trying to find better ways to connect with you. Therefore, I have not neglected you … so RELAX! Thinking of relaxation-I have to get some things off my chest.

Problem#1:  I know a lot of you corporate women, blue-collar girls, and stay-at-home moms need some relaxation especially when you get or have off work OR when the kiddies are napping.

All of you LOVE to relieve stress with the bubble bath.

And then you must have something in the water that smells good right- lavender, cucumber melon, and vanilla scents? AND let’s not forget the bath oils! You have to switch up your routine sometimes. And guess where those bubbles and oils are going- directly into your vagina! Remember, your “lady part” is slightly open. That’s normal so don’t stress about that!

Problem #2: Ladies- you like to clean your tubs regularly. There’s nothing wrong with that! Like my mom always said a clean house is a Godly house- if you believe in that. You scrub that tub with Bleach and Comet. Although you rinse the tub out with water, there’s still some residue left, which means that once you get in that tub- guess what? Bleach and comet are going right into your vagina.

Bubbles, Comet, Bleach, Bath Oils all irritate the vagina.

You have normal bacteria that lives in your vagina, but by doing these things, you rinse out that good bacteria that protects your lady part. Yeast infections- cottage cheese discharge with itching and/or redness- AND bacterial vaginosis- fishy odor with or without greyish discharge WILL occur.

Problem#3: You love taking those bubble baths in your “CLEAN” tub before a HOT date. SMH…You think your “lady part” is fresh and smells good and then it just SMELLS. LOL! You all know what you do on HOT Dates. Pause… And Yes, THAT WAS A R-E-A-D!

You end up visiting me in the office because of an itch or fishy odor AND of course you think you caught a STD from that HOT DATE. Did you not read my blog on Gonorrhea- Drama and Drug Resistance? Ladies-Use a condom AND make sure it fits. You can’t trust boys these days. They have lots of tricks up their sleeves. Safer sex is the only way to have sex. Just take a shower and use condoms and we will all be happy!

Remember #GYNEGirls bubble baths are blasphemous.


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