Q&As about Herbal Essences Orgasms: Part I

By Dr. Drai
By Dr. Drai

Hi #GYNEGirls, #Preggos, & #GENTs! It’s ME Dr. Drai- America’s OBGYN. Hunni- I JUST got back from #ChiTown doing some TV, filming more “Medical T” videos, AND doing a photoshoot. ALL for my gurls of course.  As always Dr. Drai has been so busy WERKing IT chile. Let me start out by saying THANK YOU THANK you thank you . You ladies have been supporting me since the beginning…Started from the bottom NOW we here started from the bottom NOW my whole teams here. LOL! Several of you #GYNEGirls have been emailing me questions on #AskDrDrai. I finally have some FREE time to discuss them. Take a seat and buckle up for these answers chile. You know Dr. Drai keeps it 100. That’s why you are asking me. Keep reading…

Q1-Dr. Drai it takes me forever to Orgasm with my man. WTF, how can I orgasm faster? Please help me! 

Hi DOLL! You are NOT alone. Just to let you know #GENTs can orgasm faster than women. That’s why you ladies FAKE IT sometimes. I get IT. The “quickie” answer -no pun intended -is to have more foreplay. This doesn’t just mean more oral play love- don’t focus solely on your clitoris. Like I tell my #GYNEGirls- foreplay starts 24 hours in advance. Your mate needs to send you flowers to work, meet you for lunch, take you out for a date or cook for you, hold your hand, give you compliments, kiss and caress you. The more connected you are to your mate, the easier it is to reach the BIG “O”. Intimacy is the key to your lock. LOL! I crack myself up sometimes. Also D-stress yourself. If you are stressed out, your vajayjay will be OUT of commission. She will be DRY as a DESERT. Chile- Get your herbal essences orgasm!

Q2-Dr. Drai my friends are always talking about their earth-altering orgasms. Mine don’t seem that strong. Do orgasms come in varying strengths, like Tylenols? And how can I make mine stronger? Help me please! 

First of all #GYNEGirl stop comparing your sexual escapades to your friends. This will only lead to MORE insecurities. It’s true- orgasms come in different strengths-more like DOPE not tylenol. The more turned on you are, the stronger your orgasm will be. To reach your full orgasmic potential just let go LOVE. Let that sexual intensity build and release it. It’s okay to be a FREAK in the sheets! Bring something different to the bedroom- a vibrator, dildo, or a G-spot stimulator. Just make sure your toys are smaller than your man’s penis. Don’t add drama. Oh and don’t forget to do your Kegels…

Keep those questions coming #GYNEGirls! Don’t be afraid to #AskDrDrai. I LOVE hearing from you. Until NEXT time…


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