What is your makeup REALLY concealing?

By Dr. Drai
By Dr. Drai

Hi #GYNEGirls! It’s ME Dr. Drai- your FAV OBGYN. I love seeing you gurls come to my office B-E-A-T down. Reminds me of Drake’s lyrics’- Hair done, nails done, everything DID Oh you fancy huh? That face is lookin’ R-I-G-H-T. Ladies you give me a run for the money AND Dr. Drai loves IT. I’ve always been a fashionista myself. WERK! I’m NOT that new at getting my face PAINTED though. Hunni- I still remember getting THIS FACE slayed with makeup for my first TV gig. I had to take a class at MAC. LOL! Chile- Now I’m a PRO at the BRUSH. #StrokeSumthn. Let me give you the “Medical T” (TIPS) on makeup. I know I KNOW #GYNEGirls- I love MAKEUP just like the next girl. BUT Dr. Drai has to tell you the REAL DEAL…

Makeup could be concealing dangerous toxins. A majority of my #GYNEGirls use some form of makeup DAILY, but most of YOU are unaware of the toxic chemicals found in some of these cosmetics and their links to long-term health problems. YOU are exposed to toxins by breathing in sprays, swallowing chemicals on the lips, or absorbing them through the skin. Ladies (& some #GENTs)-You need to know what ingredients to look for on cosmetic labels. Keep reading…

Check Labels for Toxic Chemicals

Unfortunately, lots of beauty products contain chemicals that are pollutants. Avoid products that contain toxins, such as paragons, phthalates, and sodium laurel sulfate, a degreaser that’s used to clean engines and is found in 90% of all personal care products. You should also avoid products that contain synthetic dyes and musk, which is labeled as fragrance. Chile it doesn’t matter how it’s worded, it’s still a toxic chemical BOO. Here’s the real “Medical T.” MANY of these chemicals cause BAD reproductive (LADY PARTS), neurological (BRAIN), and immune effects such as cancer, organ failure and birth defects. CHILE PLEASE- you betta check those labels #GYNEGirls.

Review Consumer Protection Websites for Product Ratings

Dr. Drai recommends his #GYNEGirls to check out Skin Deep, a cosmetics database managed by the Environmental Working Group. This site ranks cosmetics containing chemicals with known or suspected health risks. Ladies-I use this MYSELF to see which products are actually natural. You know companies put the word NATURAL on everything these days.

Makeup Makeover 

Common cosmetics like lipstick and mascara contain ingredients that are potentially damaging to your health. To stay away from some of these dangers,  here is some MORE #DrDraiMedicalT:

  • Lipstick: Most lipsticks contain lead and studies show that women ingest pounds of lipstick over the course of a lifetime. When shopping for lipstick, verify that it’s composed of  natural ingredients.
  • Mascara: Avoid mascaras that contain retinyl palmitate and parabens. These preservatives can mimic estrogen and interfere with the endocrine system.
  • Blush: Avoid products that contain rose quartz and silica, which are considered possible human carcinogens and have proven toxic to immune and respiratory systems over prolonged exposure.
  • Sunscreens: Discard sunscreens and makeup that contain the ingredient known as octinoxate. While this chemical helps filter UV rays, it’s also been linked to thyroid and brain signal problems in lab animals.

Next time you put on your makeup, take the time to read and research the ingredients. Always look at packaging and check for labeling that says ‘formulated without’ the aforementioned chemicals. No worries…You will still have a B-E-A-T FACE but NOW not with all the risk. Knowing what to look for is the first step in becoming aware and staying a healthy #GYNEGirl! Toodles…

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