October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

By Dr. Drai
By Dr. Drai

It’s breast cancer awareness month and this month I’d like to focus on all things “breasts.” There is a widespread misunderstanding by many women, and surprisingly also by many men that boys and men only have sexual feelings in their penis. This isn’t true. There are many erogenous zones in men and women and they are best activated when the body is relaxed, and the zones are stimulated gently, including the breasts. Gentle stimulation of these zones in a relaxed state can give feelings of pleasure.

Here is a survey of various erotic zones in the male body, and how to stimulate the sensations in these zones. You can stimulate these zones yourself or your partner can.

Scrotum and Testicles

The scrotal skin and the contents of the scrotum, including the testicles, are sensitive to erotic stimulation. When stimulating these genital parts, take first hold of the scrotum with your whole hand, warming it inside your hand, and massaging it gently by gripping movements. Warming and handling the scrotum gives feelings to the whole genital region.

Stimulation of the scrotum also increases the blood circulation and engorgement of all the genital organs around the scrotum. The testicles are best stimulated by gently rolling with your fingers. Also, tickle the scrotal skin with your fingertips. A part of the penis is hidden partly inside and partly behind the scrotal sack, by palpating with your fingertips between the testicles or at the side under the scrotum; you can massage this part of the penis. A sharp massage with your fingertips gives the most intense sensations to this hidden root of the penis.

Breast Nipples And Their Surroundings

The nipples of a man are an important erogenous zone. A man’s breasts have the same erotic capacity as a woman’s. A man’s nipples also have an erective capacity meaning they can rise and get hard upon stimulation. When stimulating a man’s breasts, take hold of the breast with your whole hand, warming it inside your hand, and massaging it gently by gripping movements. To stimulate the nipples, massage gently around the nipples with a fingertip. Also squeeze the nipples with your fingers, varying the intensity from the very gentle nip to some harder pressure.

Area Between the Penis and Anus

The visible penis is a part of a larger body beginning at the prostate region just in front of the anus and reaches to the tip of the penis. The urethra also goes through this structure. The parts between your legs will engorge when you are sexually excited just like the penis, and when it engorges, the region bulges out between the legs. Upon mechanical stimulation, this area gives intensely pleasurable feelings. You can stimulate this area by squeezing it between your fingers, pressing down against the urethra, or massaging up and down along the urethra. You should change between gentle and a little harder handling, as these two manners give rise to different types of feelings.

Navel and Bladder Region

The navel is an erotic point, and so are the structures in the middle of the belly between the navel and the penis. This structure contains a groove between the belly muscles. The structures in this groove are very sensuous. The naval can be stimulated by sticking a finger into it, and by tickling with your finger deep down in the navel. Also here you should alternate between light, gentle, slow tickling, and harder sharper tickling. This stimulation gives sensations that radiate out from the navel to the surroundings, and spreads downwards to the tip of your penis, giving a very funny feeling in your penis. The groove between the navel and the penis, you can stimulate by massaging up and down with the tip of your fingers.

Buttocks and Anal Region

The inner sides of the buttocks in the natal cleft give rise to deep erotic feelings with a very special intimate valor. Move your fingers up and down between the buttocks from the spine to the opposite end between the legs, and gently massage the inner side of each buttock with your fingertips. You can also concentrate your attention on the region deep inside the cleft very near the anus and tickle these most intimate points with your fingertips. Further, you can stretch each buttock to the side so that the butt cleft opens, and the rectal opening is also stretched. The result of these manipulations is erotic sensations that radiate to the whole pelvic area, flow deep inside you, and rise upwards along your spine.

Anus and Outer Rectum

The anal region is in many ways the real central of feelings in a man. By stimulating this area in the proper ways, you can create a process that spread waves of intense feelings of joy, pleasure, and ecstasy up through the whole body, partly forward to the genitals and belly region, and partly along the spine up to the neck. You best stimulate the rectal opening by very gentle circulatory movements with your fingertips. Alternate between these circulatory movements and the stimulation of the insides of the buttocks. You can also stick a smeared finger into the anal opening and stimulate by gentle movements in and out. By sticking your finger further inside, you can gently massage the inside walls of the anus. By adding some pressure, your stimulation reaches deep into the tissue around the rectum. All these stimulations give rise to profound feelings radiating to the whole body.


The prostate lies just in front of the anus and the urethra goes through it. This gland produces much of the viscous fluid in the semen. You can stimulate it from the outside by pressing somewhat firmly with your fingers inward just in front of the anus. There is a deepening in this area, just like a little vagina. Press your finger into this groove and a little forward. You can also stimulate the prostate by inserting your finger into the anus and massaging the prostate through the front wall of the anus. The massage releases prostate fluid. Feeling the fluid coming through your urethra and dripping out adds to the physical excitement. Also, the prostate has its own sexual feelings, and prostate massage combined with anal stimulation can induce a form of orgasm that has a much deeper psychological and ecstatic impact than ordinary penile orgasm.

Until next time #GYNEGirls and #Preggos…

Dr. Drai

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