Cougars on the PROWL…Beware!

By Dr. Drai
By Dr. Drai

I’m BACK…Hi #GYNEGirls! It’s your FAV OBGYN- Dr. Drai.

You know I’ve missed you, so. Dr. Drai has been BUSY! Running around THESE 8 offices, catching babies, doing surgeries in 2 different hospitals, and still twerking it in media interviews #DrDraiMedicalT #MediaPersonality #TwerkSumn. LOL!

I know it’s a lot, right? Take it from me- when you are having fun, it never feels like work. You ladies have been busy TOO. Busy getting’ busy- if you know what I mean. I get it-SEX is an important part of life even as you age. BUT dang! Ya’ll bang too much sometimes especially you mature #GYNEGirls aka #COUGARS. I know you know one. BIG shout out to the #Cougars. Dr. Drai secretly can’t wait to join the pact. LOL!

A cougar is an older woman who is attracted to, dates, and has sex with a younger man- a MUCH youngER man.

There’s nothing wrong with being a cougar so DON’T be embarrassed about your preference.

Chile, I have seen it all. Ya’ll cougars keep my office doors REVOLVING. Here’s a quick tip-Just make sure your younger man is older than your kids! That’s just too much family drama for me to handle. You know Dr. Drai not only does your PAP smears, he’s your counselor too! Sexing men half your age isn’t always a good choice. I understand your attraction ladies. A BIG MUSCULAR FINE man in their 20-30s that knows how to werk THAT PIECE is HOT. Hunni- BUT you need to be careful. What looks GOOD, isn’t always good for YOU.

Make sure he straps up. Yes you heard me. Lots of you cougars let them get away with not doing this. These young men love you cougars because you can’t get #preggo. That’s a plus for them (AND for you- you have already raised your kids and sometimes grandkids). So they smooth talk you into having sex with them unprotected. Let’s not forget a RAW Penis can get you #Preggo AND give you a STD.

Dr. Drai has diagnosed cougars with everything under the sun- Genital warts, Herpes, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, HIV, Syphilis, Trichomonas, Hepatitis B and C. Hunni- a young Penis just isn’t worth it.

You already know some of these STDs can’t be cured with a pill. ALWAYS use CONDOMS in any type of sexual activity- ORAL, ANAL, or VAGINAL. Protect yourself #Cougars!

Oh and one more thing…Make sure you use lubricants- water based NOT vasoline please!!! Vasoline traps bacteria. Your vagina is fragile as you age. The ovaries don’t work anymore so the #vajayjay gets thinner and thinner. These young men aren’t that keen to foreplay either so you already know your vagina will be dry which can make sex painful.

Tell him Dr. Drai says he has to warm up the oven before putting the meatloaf in it. I haven’t eaten lunch yet- I must be hungry. You get the picture. If your vagina is dry it will rip with rough sex. You know those young men love some rough sex. Some of you #Cougars DO TOO! Not pointing fingers… If your “lady part” rips, you can start bleeding. And sometimes you can bleed so much that I have to take you to the operating room to fix it. NOW that’s embarrassing. DATING a younger man isn’t always good either. What do ya’ll have in common?

Cougars, lions, tigers and bears…click here to find your way back to good health

SEX- that’s about it. At your age, you need a companion; someone who is going to be THERE for you. TRUST ME on that one! #COUGARS-I’m not trying to stop you from huntin’ though. Have FUN on the PROWL BUT just use CONDOMS, LUBRICANTS, and protect your HEART!

Until next time #GYNEGirls…


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