Pregnancy And Massage Therapy

By Dr. Drai
By Dr. Drai


It’s Dr. DRAI- I’m back. Now you know I want to make sure that you ladies are taking good care of yourselves, especially while you’re pregnant. When you are pregnant, your body is under tremendous pressure. Everything hurts, and everything aches. How can you get relief from this tension and stress? Massage, after all, is out of the question, isn’t it? Well maybe not. Many massage therapists today specialize in Prenatal Massages.

You may wonder how a prenatal massage differs from traditional massage. Well, your therapists will use a variety of different massage techniques. The techniques they use will concentrate on a woman’s, neck, back, and pelvic regions. These are of course the areas most often negatively affected by pregnancy. If you are modest, don’t worry. Your therapist will be able to customize the massage to you while respecting your personal limits.

Another big difference in prenatal massage is your position. Since you cannot and should not lie on your stomach, you will most often be laid on your side with pillows for support. While there are special tables designed to allow room for a pregnant belly, most therapists will prefer to have you rest on your side.

The benefits of massage during pregnancy are numerous. When you are under stress, your body produces stress hormones. Stress hormones that you produce will be felt not only by you but also by your baby. By reducing your stress, through massage, you can increase the safety of your baby. It can also ease your muscular aches and pains that can quite frankly make your life hell. This will let you enjoy this special time in your life that you may never experience again.

Finding a therapist who specializes in prenatal massage might take you a little effort. Do not assume that any massage therapists can accommodate you. Some might not have the experience and some might not feel comfortable accepting you as a patient at all. Ask your potential masseuse or masseur if they have experience dealing with pregnant clients. If they do not, they will probably at least be able to point you in the right direction.

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Dr. Drai

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