Pregnancy Preparation with Dr. Drai

By Dr. Drai
By Dr. Drai


It’s Dr. DRAI and we’re still talking about your sexual health. This week, we’re focusing on the miracle of life – pregnancy. The gift of life is certainly a joy! Let’s talk here about pregnancy and things you can do to get your body ready.

Pregnancy starts when an egg cell is fertilized by a sperm cell and is successfully implanted into the uterus. This is a period wherein a woman carries a fetus in her womb to nourish for nine – ten months. A mother is required to take care of herself by means of proper nutrition, adequate exercise, and enough rest to be able to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

If you are a female of child-bearing age, it is important that you make preparations prior to pregnancy. It’s important to be as healthy and fit as possible. It is recommended that women take a prenatal vitamin, which contains a variety of vitamins and minerals that can make baby healthy from neural tube to brain development. Practicing good exercise and eating habits prior to pregnancy is also very helpful in maintain a healthy pregnancy and experiencing a healthy labor.

With pregnancy comes many symptoms that you may experience like back pain, constipation, edema, heartburn, nausea, hemorrhoids, vomiting, varicose veins, and random food cravings. Some women have significant symptoms and some don’t but being healthy prior to pregnancy certainly helps.

After nine – ten months of waiting, it will finally be a joy to see your child come out to this world. So be sure to do your part now for a successful pregnancy in the future.

These are just overviews of important aspects of your sexual health. For more information, don’t be ashamed to go to the nearest sexual health clinics or consult your trusted physician. Until next time #GYNEGirls and #Preggos…

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