Sleepless in Seattle – Gotta LOVE Pregnancy!

By Dr. Drai
By Dr. Drai

Hi #Preggos!

It’s me again- Dr. Drai, your Fav OBGYN! It’s 2ish AM in the morning. I’m in my call room … just got finished catching 2 babies. Awww, I love bringing another life into the world (and I, like most of you, can’t sleep). And no, my baby isn’t kicking me – or moving around too much in my belly! LOL!

Preggos, you have the hardest time getting comfortable sleep.

I feel so sorry for you all. The sleep positions that you did before you got preggo just aren’t going to work anymore because your belly is big, you have acid reflex, your back hurts, AND you feel like you can’t catch your breath.

I have a way of making pregnancy sound so great, right? It is- you get a healthy beautiful baby at the end. Sleeping on your left side is best way to catch some Zzzzz’s while preggo. Also, try to keep your knees and legs bent with a pillow in between them to make you more comfy. This position allows more blood flow and nutrients to the afterbirth and it helps the kidneys get rid of waste and excess fluid from your body.

So what does that all mean?

Your baby will get enough food and your ankles won’t swell as bad! They probably will still swell, though. I know you just can’t sleep on your left side all night, so it’s okay to flip flop. Just stay on your left side, mostly. By the way, sleeping on your back is a big No-No!!! The weight on the womb lies on the spine, back muscles, intestines, and major blood vessels (like the aorta- google that one!). Bad, bad, bad!

You can end up with hemorrhoids and we know how much you love those. AND, sometimes your blood pressure can drop, making you dizzy. But most importantly, your baby may not get enough nutrients. So just don’t do it! Have your hubby, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend sleep on the left side of the bed. That way, your big belly can touch their back/belly and they can feel the baby kick them all night LONG, LOL.

I know. I know. Well, if you are up, keep them up too. They are the ones that got you pregnant in the first place. LOL! Remember #Preggos, you won’t be sleepless in Seattle for long, 40 weeks- let me repeat that again – it’s 40 weeks, not 37 weeks. It’s just around the corner. Until next time…


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