The Spots to HIT during SEX

By Dr. Drai
By Dr. Drai

It’s me Dr. Drai- your FAV #SEXpert. #GENTs-I haven’t forgotten about you AT ALL. First and Foremost- Dr. Drai would like to thank all of the fellas for the love and support. I see you guys liking, commenting, re-tweeting my posts. Dr. Drai knows sometimes it’s weird for you to follow an OBGYN (especially when your boo isn’t #preggo) so thank you AGAIN. Dr. Drai wrote this one just for the Fellas. And it’s a juicy one too. You might want to tell your bois at the barbershop about this blog post. #GENTs- let me teach you how to PLEASE your #GYNEGirl.

Learn the SPOTS to hit during sex. LOL!


The A-Spot is located just above the cervix. You can get to this from the missionary position. It’s the deep thrusting motion to hit this during sex.


The G-Spot feels like a walnut AND is located just inside of the vagina 2 cm from the opening at the top. Ladies- ride on top backwards to have him hit this during sex.


The U-Spot is located just inside of the vagina at the top- right below the urethra.

Remember Fellas PRACTICE makes PERFECT! So get to work. Oh and don’t forget about her clitoris. Have FUN!

Until next time my FAITHFUL #GENTS…

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