5 Things You Need To Know About Plan B by Dr. Drai

By Dr. Drai
By Dr. Drai

Hi #GYNEGirls, #Preggos, and #GENTs! It’s me- Dr. Drai #AmericasOBGYN. Ya’ll already know that I am still busy balancing Werking as a DOC versus Werking as a media personality. Sometimes I’m TIRED.com. Ladies- you know I LOVE you right? Let me just be honest with you. You gurls have been wearing me out in the office with this one especially on Mondays. Hint Hint. Plan B is an emergency birth control that is used to stop you from getting #preggo after having not so protected sex. You would use Plan B if you just didn’t use a condom. Dr. Drai is rolling his eyes right now. You would also use Plan B if the condom breaks or slips off. This pill will also be given to you if you were raped. By now you know that Plan B is over the counter. Back in the day you had to take 2 pills but now it’s only 1 pill. Let’s talk about 6 things you need to know about Plan B.

1. You must take Plan B within 72 hours (3 days) of having unprotected sex. It decreases your chances of pregnancy by 95% if taken within 24 hours.

2. Plan B does not cause abortions. It won’t work if you are already pregnant.

3. Plan B won’t work if you weight more than 176 pounds.

4. Nausea & vomiting is a common side effect of taking Plan B. If you vomit within 2 hours after taking it, it won’t work.

5. Taking Plan B may cause you to have irregular periods.

If Plan B doesn’t work out for you, remember you can get the Paraguard IUD (copper IUD) inserted by your DOC in your uterus within 5 days of having unprotected sex. Oh and one more thing make sure the condom always fits. Until next time…[#GYNEGirls]

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