6 Steps to Using The Female Condom by Dr. Drai

By Dr. Drai
By Dr. Drai

Hi #GYNEGirls, #Preggos, & #GENTs! It’s ME again Dr. Drai- America’s OBGYN. I just got home from rounding on my patients in the hospital. Now Dr. Drai  is #chillaxing on the couch with his laptop on his lap blogging away JUST for you…Let’s get right into this “Medical T” (TIPs). Lots of you come see me in the office and have NO IDEA how to use the female condom. Really? First of all Dr. Drai LOVES the female condom. Using this will help you not to get #Preggo or catch a #STD. Only 5-20 women per 100 will get #Preggo when using the female condom. It looks nothing like the male condom. The female condom is a pouch with 2 rings. The OUTER ring is thin and has a hole in it (open) and the INNER ring is thick and doesn’t have a hole in it (closed). I know YOU are confused? Look at the picture ABOVE for a better understanding. Let’s go over the steps to using the female condom. Wait…Before you try one on make sure you check the expiration date AND make sure there are no holes in it.

Step 1: Find a comfy spot. Stand with one foot on a chair.

Step 2: Squeeze the closed thicker inner ring together with your fingers

Step 3: Insert IT in the vagina just like a tampon. Put the condom in as far back as possible.

Step 4: Let the open thinner outer ring hang on the outside of the vulva

Step 5: Please guide the penis in the opening of the condom. Don’t trust your BAE to do this! He may enter the vagina on the side of the condom. 

Step 6: When you are finished knockin’ the boots, just twist the outer ring to remove it.

See…it wasn’t that bad right? There will be semen in the female condom just like the male condom. THEREFORE make sure you depose of the condom properly PLEASE. Oh and one more thing- please practice inserting it before you get in the heat of the moment. REMEMBER #SafeSex is the only type of sex you should be having. Until next time…[#GYNEGirls]

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