10 Things Your OBGYN Won’t Tell You

By Dr. Drai
By Dr. Drai

Hi #GYNEGirls, #Preggos, & #GENTs! It’s ME again Dr. Drai- America’s OBGYN. Today I’m watched #Empire. LOVE LOVE LOVED it. Cookie is NOT JOKE chile! FOX did THAT…I wanted to check in with my gurls to see how ya’ll are doing. Dr. Drai hopes you are balancing your MIND, BODY, and SOUL this year. You know THEY are all connected. You can’t heal one without healing the other 2. One of my #GYNEGirls in the office today asked Dr. Drai how he can be sooo open with his patients. I told her because I’m down to earth. In the words of 2 Chainz, I’m DIFFERENT yeah I’m DIFFERENT. There is nothing that you #GYNEGirls or #Preggos can tell me that will shock me. Been THERE, Done THAT! Our convo created this blog post. You know I love spilling “Medical T” (TIPs). Read below to learn 10 things a REGULAR OBGYN won’t tell you.

  1. The A-spot (anterior fornix) is an erogenous zone that’s located in the vagina just above your cervix. He (or she) can get to this spot in the missionary position. It takes deep penetration to hit this.
  2. Masturbation allows you to learn what you like so you can teach your partner how to please you. Plus it’s 100% SAFE- no babies, no STDs.
  3. Only purchase sex toys- dildos, vibrators, anal beads-that are made with 100% silicone. This material doesn’t have pores in it so bacteria can’t hide out and silicone won’t cause cancer.
  4. When having anal sex, relax AND use lube (and condoms of course). There’s a PS (perineal sponge) spot in the rectum. It’s an erogenous zone that’s located where the male prostate would be. Google it! Hit this spot to reach ecstasy…
  5. Do not shave your vulva with razors or nair, douche, use feminine powders/perfumes, or take bubble baths. Doing these things will cause you to have a “fishy” odor- bacterial vaginosis or get a yeast infection.
  6. The biggest orgasm killer is a BAD relationship. If you are fighting with your mate, your vagina will be dryer than a desert. Remember orgasms in woman are what I call cerebral. Your mate has to have your mind in order for you to let them have your body. FIX your relationship- go to couples’ therapy. You also need to stop smoking and drinking alcohol. Some medications like anti-depressants can dampen your ability to “O”.
  7. Unfortunately birth control can dampen your libido (your desire to have sex).
  8. Make your man keep his undies on during sex so there’s no genital-to-genital skin contact. This decreases your chances of getting Human Papillomavirus (HPV) or Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV).
  9. Not all women can squirt so if you can’t, don’t stress! 
  10. Make sure the condom fits! Make him buy the right size condom for his erect penis. If the condom doesn’t fit, it slips off or breaks which means you get #preggo or get a STD.

Dr. Drai hopes you find an OBGYN like him who is open minded and non-judgenmental. Sometimes you #GYNEGirls need someone to just tell it like it is. Keep it 100. You know? If you don’t find that DOC, no worries DrDrai.com is ALWAYS here. Until next time…[#GYNEGirls]

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