Men & Skinny Jeans: HOT or NOT?

By Dr. Drai
By Dr. Drai

Hi #GYNEGirls!

I’m back! It’s Dr. Drai AGAIN! Ladies – There’s a hot trend that’s out there that isn’t so HOT if you want to have a baby.

Let me give you the SKINNY on skinny jeans.

Ladies if you are still struggling with getting #preggo – make sure your man IS NOT wearing those skinny jeans. These jeans keep the testicles – aka “balls”- close to the body causing sperm count to be low. You know the body is HOT right? The testicles need to stay cool in order to make lots of GOOD sperm. Also men wearing #skinnys can get bladder infections and yeast infections.

The worse thing that can happen is the testicles can twist — The Horror!

Dr. Drai clenches his chest with his Hand. The boys have to have EMERGENCY surgery to prevent a GANGRENE NUT. Also, #Skinnys have been found to raise the risk of nerve compression, which can lead to tingling or numb thighs.

Really? Really? Really? I know – you want your man to be in style. SO buy him a LARGER SLIM FIT instead of skinnys. SLIMs are looser than skinnys but you have to be careful because some skinny jeans may be labeled as SLIMs or vice versa- so honey make him try them on. I know he hates shopping for clothes, especially with YOU. You know that you pick out his clothes ANYWAYS. LOL!

The verdict is OUT. Men in #Skinny Jeans- HOT or a HOT MESS? You decide!

Healthy is the best thing you can wear.  Get your questions answered here.

Until next time #GyneGirls


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