Shaving Gone Wrong

By Dr. Drai
By Dr. Drai

Hi #GYNEGirls and #Preggos!

It’s me – Dr. Drai! Your FAV OBGYN! You ladies crack me up with this 1! Going on vacay, gearing up for a hot date, planning your labor, or going to the OBGYN AND – of course – U need your “lady part” looking RIGHT- so you think; what is a girl 2 do?

I have heard this many times. BY THE WAY, YOUR DOCTOR IS NOT PAYING ANY ATTENTION TO HOW YOUR VAGINA LOOKS. PERIOD! I have SEEN every design that you ladies can think of. LOL!

Chile, back in the day, “BUSHES” were a sign of not only sexuality, but also good health. Ladies who were “bald” THEN were thought to have a STD – mainly Syphilis. The treatment for Syphilis at that time was mercury, WHICH had a humiliating side effect- your hair would fall out.  If you didn’t get Syphilis, you got pubic lice and what do you think was the treatment? Shave your vajajay BALD! Back then, they use to have MERKINS- pubic hair wigs – so they wouldn’t be embarrassed. LOL! That’s my lil history lesson!

Times have changed. Now Brazilians are the norm. I hear the same things all the time – “Dr. Drai, baldness increases sensation during sex.”

More like “rug burn” from rubbing while bald.

Ladies- why do you have pubic hair? To keep the genitals WARM. Shaving your vaginal area with razors may cause hair bumps because the shave is too close to the skin.
Have you ever seen a man with bumps under their neck? We all have and that’s what your vagina will look like. Plus, if you use creams or soaps to shave (NAIR), it can get in the vagina and cause irritation which will turn into a “fishy” smell. Got TUNA? This goes for waxing, too!

Ladies- Brazilian waxes are for Brazilians.

When you are shaving, you need to use clippers with adjustable blades so the cut isn’t so close to the skin.

AND please don’t use a permanent method to remove your pubes. What if the BUSH comes back? Then you will be in my office asking questions like- “Can I put REMI on my vagina?” LOL!

Don’t be a victim of SHAVING GONE WRONG!

Keep it smooth (everywhere) with by knowing how to do it better, click here.

Until next time #GyneGirls and #Preggos


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