Perfumes in the Vagina AND Fishy Business…

By Dr. Drai
By Dr. Drai

Hi #GYNEGirls!

The weekend is coming and you have a HOT date. You’ve been dating this gorgeous, respectable guy with a good job (plus benefits) for 3 months now. Of course, you have rules on how long to make him wait!! LOL…You gurls have rules about everything (UNTIL you meet the right one).

Since he passed the initial test, the usual “walls” that you put up due to previous relationships (a different topic for a different day) are starting to fall – now you are planning to have sex- with a condom of course– with him. Now, you’re preoccupied with your vagina and you’re walking around singing those lyrics from the hit Missy Elliot song -________ Don’t Fail Me NOW! LOL! So how are you going to freshen up your “lady part”?

A new spray from Bath and Body Works – Japanese Cherry Blossom? Your favorite perfume by Rihanna – Reb’l Fleur?Or, a feminine spray from Summer’s Eve – Island Splash? Wrong! Wrong!!

Ladies – don’t do any of this! Your vagina is normal just the way it is.

Feminine powders or perfumes in the vagina can cause you to get a “fishy” odor.

That’s not good when you want to have sex. The vagina has good and bad bacteria that live together. If you put anything down there, you can take away that good bacteria!!! You may think your vagina smells “good” for a little while, but soon after sex, you get that “smell.” You all know what that smell is! Tuna, anyone?

Then you run to the GYNE office to get STD testing.

You should never be worried about STDs in the first place because you use condoms, right? AND, you make those men leave their boxers on. Did you see my latest medical “T” video – Why men should keep their underwear on during sex! If not, watch it! All of Dr. Drai’s #GYNEGirls use condoms …because they know better. Gurls – NO more Fishy business PLEASE!


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