After the Baby – Stretched Beyond?

By Dr. Drai
By Dr. Drai

Hi #Preggos and #GYNEGirls!

It’s me again…Dr. Drai your FAV OBGYN. This topic here is HOT, HOT,! LOL! Tell me 1 thing that you are worried about after having a baby naturally (through the vagina)…PAUSE…The Size of Your Vajayjay! I’d be more concerned about losing that baby weight – but that’s a different topic for a different day.

Okay, so you ladies (AND MEN) unfortunately are obsessed with the vaginal size after you give birth. I hear this ALL THE TIME- “Will my vagina go back to its original size?” Honey, just GET A NEW HUSBAND – or TOY – and then it won’t matter! LOL. Just teasing!!!

It’s normal for the vagina to stretch after having a baby.

If you have big babies or lots of babies, your vagina MAY stay stretched. Ladies – your lady part MAY go back to its original size if you do KEGELS – GOOGLE it. You know what this is anyway – it’s the same thing you do when you are faking orgasms…LOL! That was a R-E-A-D! Kegels can be done by tightening your vaginal muscles – hold the contraction for 10 seconds and relax for 10 seconds. Try to do 3 sets of 10 reps a day MEANING, for you ladies that don’t go to the gym, do it 10x at once 3 times a day.

After having a “natural birth,” remember to let your vagina rest for at least 6 weeks and do your KEGELS!

By the way, you ladies AND MEN always “try me” with vaginal rest! This means nothing in the vagina!!! No fingers, dildos, vibrators, or penis at ANYTIME for 6 weeks. PLEASE!

And men – stop pressuring your lady friend; her vagina has to REST. It’s hard work having a baby naturally! Respect THAT! And please warn your hubbies, boyfriends, or maintenance men before now turned baby daddies (beware of this one) not to say things like “Put an extra stitch in there to make it tighter” because I will throw him LOTS OF SHADE. [[[Dr. Drai is rolling his eyes right now.]]] For my #GYNEGirls, the same thing can happen to your vajayjay from a Magnum XL penis. Did you read my blog post, How Big is Toooo Big?. If not, please DO NOW! You need to do your Kegels too AND be a little bit more selective.

Until next time #Preggos and #GYNEGirls…

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