9 Benefits of Having Orgasms by Dr. Drai

By Dr. Drai
By Dr. Drai

Hi #GYNEGirls, #Preggos, & #GENTs! It’s me your FAVORITE Sexpert Dr. Drai. I’m just chilling at home watching the halftime show at the #SuperBowl. Katy Perry’s outfit is FIERCE! Lenny still got it! Chile let’s get back to this “Medical T” (TIPs) about orgasms. An orgasm is the peak of sexual pleasure. You will have uncontrolled muscle contractions in your vagina and anus, as well as the uterus due to the release of oxytocin. Then your body releases dopamine which makes you feel like happy. Your heart rate increases, you breathe heavier, your blood pressure increases, and your entire body is flushed due to norepinephrine. Then serotonin is released which makes you sleepy. Now you know why your #GENT falls right to sleep after he ejaculates. The body is SO amazing right? There are 9 benefits of reaching the Big “O”. Check them out below:

  1. relieves stress
  2. alleviates chronic pelvic pain
  3. helps you sleep better
  4. beats depression
  5. boosts your immune system
  6. can make you smarter
  7. you can live longer
  8. makes you look younger
  9. helps fight heart disease

Dr. Drai is now prescribing Orgasms for everyone. LOL! Just remember #GYNEGirls to reach the BIG “O” you got to relax and simply enjoy the ride. HAVE fun but play SAFE. Until next time…[#GYNEGirls]

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