10 Things That Can Kill your Sex Drive by Dr. Drai

By Dr. Drai
By Dr. Drai

Hi #GYNEGirls, #Preggos, & #GENTs! It’s ME again Dr. Drai- America’s OBGYN. Guess what? That #Preggo that I said was in labor is still in labor chile…24 hours later. I know right? Sometimes it’s like that #preggos; the joys of #BabyCatching…Thank GAWD I’m a patient OBGYN. Dr. Drai will wait all day for a baby to pop out. Now back to THIS #DrDraiMedicalT. Lots of you #GYNEGirls come to my office complaining about your lack of sex drive OR Libido. This is sooo common especially for the stressed out supermom. Typically you don’t want to engage in any type of sexual activity, including masturbation OR you don’t want to have sexual thoughts or fantasies. Sounds like someone you know? Let’s get the “Medical T” on things that you are doing that can kill your sex drive.

1. Being in a Bad Relationship- Go to couple’s therapy!

2. Taking Medications such as Anti- depressants or EVEN Birth Control- Get off birth control and talk to your DOC about switching your depression meds.

3. Smoking Cigarettes- Just stop it!

4. Drinking Alcohol- STOP NOW!

5. Watching Too Much Porn- Studies say that this makes you not want to have REAL relations. Get off the internet.

6. Being a New Mom- Get help with the baby from your loved ones. You can’t do it alone.

7. Not getting enough sleep- Make time to Rest!

8. Being Stressed out- Find ways to chill out; Dr. Drai meditates DAILY.

9. Not exercising- Get a personal trainer.

10. Having a Diet Full of Fatty Foods- Stay away from processed foods. Cook at home.

Most of these things #GYNEGirls can be fixed by YOU. Work on your relationship concerns, stresses, or misunderstandings. Focus on intimacy with your partner. Improve your sex knowledge and skills. Make time for sexual activity and focus on enjoying and pleasing each other. That sounds like FUN! Until next time…[#GYNEGirls]

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